Our Services

Dominion is a special district formed in 2004 to provide wholesale water and wastewater services to Northwest Douglas County.  Dominion was formed as part of the County’s vision to bring renewable water and access to more centralized water and wastewater service to northwest Douglas County. Since our inception in 2004, we’ve been strategic and innovative in our approach to providing reliable water supply and wastewater services.​ By having an integrated system, Dominion is able to fully and efficiently utilize its resources and therefore provide a reliable and cost competitive service. 


Dominion is currently looking into how rainwater could be a  possible water supply for our district in Colorado. Dominion Water and Sanitation District  has one of the first Rainwater Harvesting Pilot programs in Colorado, and is a big step for us to have renewable water in Colorado. To learn more about rainwater and rainwater harvesting, click here.


Similar to rainwater, Stormwater could also be another possible source of water for Dominion. While rainwater and Stormwater are linked directly to one another, they are still different. Click here to learn more about the differences between Stormwater vs rainwater, and why it is important.


Wastewater is also an important service that we provide. Wastewater is any kind of water that is changed or impacted through human use, and needs to be treated. Click here to see how Dominion provides Wastewater services.

Dominion's Water System

      Our system provides the flexibility of local control with regional support, and connects us to multiple water supplies in the south metro area. 


      Soon, our renewable water from WISE will be delivered through Dominion's Eastern Regional Pipeline, anticipated completion by late 2019.

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