Rainwater Harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting provides a possible solution to finding a renewable water resource in Colorado. Dominion has operated one of the first rainwater harvesting pilot programs in Colorado to seek out a renewable water resource. For several years, Dominion has been researching the impacts of rainwater, how we could use it, and if rainwater could be a potential source of usable water Colorado could use. Dominion, partnered with Sterling Ranch, has been closely monitoring rainstorms and the way that the county is currently handling how rainwater is being used. Currently, rainwater or any precipitation is collected over time in detention ponds, but is not being used. The rain water will flow into the detention ponds as a form to redirect the water harmlessly, and will slowly be drained back into the environment. The rainwater is not currently being used, and Dominion views that this rainwater could be used in a way that is not harmful to the environment, and could be yet another source of water for Colorado's residents.

How will Dominion use Rainwater?

While we are still in the pilot phase in our Harvesting Program, we still aim to use Rainwater as a potential source of water. After we have found the ideal detention ponds and storm drains to pump frOm, we will only pump a portion of  that rainwater so we are not taking away the water that the environment needs. We would only take out a portion of the water that wouldn't harm the environment, eventually treat it, and then use it as is needed. As the world around us changes, it is important that we change with it as well. Water is a limited resource, so it is impertinent that Dominion continues to seek out ways to use the water we have as efficiently as possible. Rainwater harvesting could help us become more water efficient.

Monitoring Program for Rainwater

Why is Dominion Pursuing Precipitation Harvesting?

Dominion is constantly looking for ways to use the water that Colorado has in the most efficient way possible. Harvesting Rainwater will allow Dominion to leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Rainwater could provide a substantial source of water for Colorado, and we wouldn't have to seek out water in different areas that could be potentially more harmful to the environment, and would be more water efficient in the long run. Rainwater could allow Dominion to make Colordo, and our district, water effiecient.


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