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JUNE 16 - JULY 6, 2021

Construction, Design & Engineering
Building a water supply backbone for Douglas County

"Whiskey's for drinkin', water's for fighten'."

That's a saying that has rung true in the West, ever since horses were the most popular mode of transportation.

And with Colorado’s current population growing at a staggering rate, there’s little doubt that water is as valuable as gold when it comes to development along the Colorado Front Range.

In Douglas County (where the population has grown 28% since 2010, from approximately 287,000 people to over 367,000 people in 2021), the demand for water – and more importantly, smart water solutions – is undeniable. Fortunately, for nearly 20 years, water providers in the south metro area of Denver have been collaborating, planning and implementing a unique water sharing arrangement with Denver Water and Aurora Water, known as the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficient Project. This water sharing arrangement has allowed many water providers to reduce reliance on non-renewable groundwater supplies and develop sustainable water supply plans.

To deliver water supplies from he WISE project to DWSD customers several components need to be completed, the Eastern Regional Pipeline Project, the DWSD High Zone Tank and the Parker Midsection Pipeline, on which Castle Rock, Parker Water & Sanitation District and DWSD have partnered. One of the key pieces to the WISE project, the ERPP – 12 miles of 24- to 30-inch water transmission line – is nearing completion. The three components combined will provide the capacity for DWSD to serve Sterling Ranch, residents of existing communities reliant on non-renewable groundwater, and future customers in northwest Douglas County with renewable water supplies. At the outset of the ERPP, the design and construction team faced significant regulatory, natural and project-related obstacles but the project team continues to implement solutions that will result in benefits to its customers and Douglas County, far outweighing the challenges.

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