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Welcome to Dominion!

We are an innovative wholesale water and wastewater provider looking forward to meeting your unique needs. If you're worried about a depleting well or are experiencing problems with your current supply, Dominion can work with you to deliver renewable supplies. Our service is built on innovation, partnerships, and thoughtful stewardship.

Wholesale Services Provided:

Dominion will establish individualized wholesale rates dependent on the needs of our new customers. This could include: 

  • Master Meter for Potable Water only

  • Master Meter for Non-potable Water only

  • Master Meter for Wastewater only

  • Any combination of above

Who we Serve

Dominion can provide wholesale water and wastewater services to existing or new retail providers within the Dominion Service Area. To be a retail provider, you must be part of a special district.

Our Commitment to Renewable Water:

Dominion is committed to its renewable water goal, and we are unique in that our supply begins with renewable water. We'll work with new customers and their existing supply through easements or otherwise, to transition your supplies to renewable water.

Sterling Ranch- Denver Post:
July 18, 2017

Dominion Rates and Fees:

Dominion follows the water industry's accepted practice of developing cost-based rates and fees for new wholesale customers. A different rate and fee will be calculated for each special district based on which parts of our systems they're going to use. Cost will vary depending on a number of factors, including: 

  • How much of our assets you'll use

  • Your source of supply

  • Where you live

There are several other factors that determine fees, outlined in our new member policy.​​

Customer Classifications:

Dominion Wholesale Service Agreements are negotiated and vary based on customer classification designations. Dominion customer groupings include:

A. Sterling Ranch CAB: The Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board (the "CAB"), the Retail Provider for customers within the Sterling Ranch development. The CAB is currently receiving wholesale water and wastewater serves from Dominion.

B. Chatfield Valley Framework Entity (CFE): A Water Receiving Authority as defined under the Chatfield Valley Water Supply Framework.

C. Chatfield Valley Master Meter: A CFE Water Receiving Authority connecting to Dominion with a master meter service agreement independent of the Chatfield Valley Water Supply Framework.

D. New User Master Meter: A master meter customer within Dominion's defined service area.

To apply to be a new user click here.

Dominion's District Map

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