Chatfield Valley Water supply Framework

Information for Douglas County Water Districts

Water Providers Application

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Per the Dominion WSD pre-water notice, water districts that apply to be registered with Dominion and qualified as a Water Receiving Authority under the Framework must also submit the following to

  1. A copy of your Service Plan and/or supporting documentation that provides evidence of your ability to provide service to one or more Qualifying Homes and/or your legal authority to so provide in the future.

  2. A list of addresses of the Qualified Homes to which you provide service or to which you have the legal authority to provide in the future.

Additionally, Please provide in the comment section below whether you have interest at this time in contracting for a part or all of the sixty and one half (60.5) acre-feet per year, and the approximate volume, that is in planning to be available starting in 2021.

Information for Qualifying Home owners


Who or what is Dominion?

Dominion Water & Sanitation District is a wholesale water, wastewater and stormwater service provider with a 33,000-acre service area in Northwest Douglas County (Map attached). While those within Dominion’s service area are not required to receive service from us, our services may be an option for current and/or future water/wastewater retail providers.


I received a letter from Dominion. What does this mean?

If you received the Pre-Notification of Certification of Final Tranche of water for Chatfield Valley Water Supply Framework letter dated March 9, 2020, this means your home is considered a “Qualified Home” within the Chatfield Valley Water Supply Framework. That means that your home is located within Dominion’s service area and you may or may not be a current customer of an existing water provider. This does NOT mean that your current drinking water service or supply will terminate. The purpose of the letter is to inform you about an opportunity to take advantage of future drinking water supplies and either; request service with an existing water district in your area or form a new water district. A map of the current water providers within Dominion’s service area is available HERE. For more information on the water service providers in your area or the policies and procedures for organizing a new Title 32 special district please contact the Director of Community Development:

                                Director of Community Development

                                Douglas County Department of Community Development

                                100 Third Street

                                Castle Rock, CO 80104

                                Phone: 303-660-7460

                                Fax: 303-379-4198


What is the Chatfield Valley Water Supply Framework?

The Framework is a plan approved by the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners that sets forth the principles and procedures by which Dominion intends to share water with certain neighbors of the Sterling Ranch Project/Development by way of a Water Supply Agreement. The Chatfield Valley Water Supply Framework Eligible Communities map is HERE.


What is a Water Supply Agreement?

A Water Supply Agreement is a document which contains provisions related to the rights and responsibilities of the Water Receiving Authority (Dominion approved Title 32 water provider/district) and Dominion. In order for a Title 32 district to obtain this supply, they must submit a written application to be certified as a Water Receiving Authority under the Framework.

What existing retail water districts are near my home?

The Douglas County website allows you enter your address to locate existing water providers HERE. However, Dominion may only serve retail providers, therefore please ensure you inquire about the provider's ability to serve directly to homes.