Dominion is a special district formed in 2004 to provide wholesale water and wastewater services. Dominion was formed as part of the County’s vision to bring renewable water and access to centralized wastewater service to Northwest Douglas County. Dominion is building an integrated system that fully and efficiently utilizes its resources. By strategically partnering, planning for both long and short term, and integrating technology, Dominion is developing a reliable system for cost-effective service.

Our service area of 33,000 acres was established, in part, in direct response to the County's vision for residents in Northwest Douglas County to shift away from nonrenewable water supplies

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Dominion's Service Area

Our Customers

While those within Dominion's Service area are not required to receive service from us, our services may be an option for water/wastewater providers, including:

  • Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, which is about 3,400 acres in our service area

  • Chatfield Valley Framework Entities

  • Other retail water/wastewater providers that serve existing residents and businesses 

Dominion is actively developing policies and procedures to assist new users in understanding the requirements for receiving service, including required information, fees, and legal relationship. Please reach out to our team for more information.


We are unique in that our supply starts with renewable water. Dominion has innovative and sustainable ways to grow our supply and manage our existing resources into a conjunctive water supply; a supply reliant primarily on renewable with non-tributary or other supplies as back up for dry years.

Dominion also operates the very first rainwater harvesting pilot program in Colorado approved by the Colorado Water Conservation Board.  As it is proven and legally available, rainwater harvesting will be incorporated  into our water supply as another renewable and sustainable water source in our water system. Learn more about Rainwater Harvesting here (coming soon).


A key tenet of the state's Colorado Water Plan is Regional Cooperation, and is an emerging strategy in the Colorado water community. We are the largest participant in the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) Partnership.Click to learn more about WISE.

Currently, we have contracts for permanent water supplies from Aurora Water and the WISE Partnership to meet water demands. Dominion continues to develop additional water supplies. By contract, Roxborough Water and Sanitation District provides water treatment, system operations, and maintenance services for our water and wastewater system.

Today, Dominion's supplies are delivered directly to the Larry D. Moore Water Treatment Plant for treatment and distribution to our current users. We are developing the necessary regional infrastructure to connect Dominion to the WISE system and take a portion of our water deliveries from Castle Rock.

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